EACH OF US IS A MEMBER We are the team that is part of the change

Jorge Quiñonez


World where nature is the main protagonist

Génesis Caicedo

Executive director

"Think global, act local"

Yaira Cevallos

Resource management

"Our planet needs us now more than ever, if it gives us so much, why not help it and be part of that positive change"

Josselyn Ruiz

APA Project Coordinator

Protect the world's native and endemic forests, while focusing on the development of an environmental culture for the new generations"

We are an organization focused on a sustainable future with the care and preservation of forests worldwide, thus mitigating global warming due to deforestation, the main source of CO2 emissions.

Green Ecuador will be distinguished for 2007 as a leading and stable organization in environmental matters, committed to the improvement and quality of sight of the planet’s inhabitants, the sustainable management of its natural resources in a world where we live in dignity, equality and harmony with nature

The APA Project is based on studies which are the result of 2 years of biodiversity and carbon monitoring in forests with elevation gradients ranging from 500 to 3,900 m. Due to the biodiversity of present ecosystems and the high vulnerability to pressure from human (anthropic) activities and impacts to climate change, we prioritized the forests of the Chocó Andino, Pichincha province, Tungurahua province, Carchi province and Esmeraldas province.

The sounds of the rainforest depend on your support

Let us protect nature