Green Ecuador

We are a private company established in Ecuador, pioneer in environmental projects that projects that seek to maintain a balance between development and respect for the environment

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Our environmental services

We manage through Individuals, companies, corporations, multinationals, and countries the contributions based on the carbon footprint caused by each product and service with conservative values where our main purpose is the environmental preservation, we are knowledgeable of the Voluntary Carbon Market.

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Aportes por preservación ambiental

We set out to create an unprecedented project, to protect 400 million hectares of forest million hectares of forest by capturing 60 GtCO2 per year. through its APA (CEP) proposal.

Our TARJETA VIDA services

With the purchase of your Tarjeta Vida you can contribute to reduce your carbon footprint by preserving forests.

10 toneladas de co2
USD 25
20 toneladas de co2
USD 50
30 toneladas de co2
USD 75
40 toneladas de co2
USD 100

Remember that with your contribution, you can deduct your taxable income from your total annual net income.

Forest owners

Through our CEP Project we offer forest landowners a valuable alternative to landowners a valuable alternative to benefit economically by preserving their forests.

We are committed to mitigating the effects of global global warming it is time to act